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Basslink 'strongly denies' it owes Tasmanian government compensation (Thu, 22 Mar 2018)
Basslink has called the accusations from the Tasmanian government that it breached its contract as operator of the Basslink Interconnector 'belated', given the cable went live 10 years ago.
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NBN announces 'simulated training' for contractors (Thu, 22 Mar 2018)
The first of a series of NBN Network Simulated Labs has opened in TAFE NSW's Lidcombe site, with the facilities to provide training and assessment for external workers on network deployment, activation, and maintenance.
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Baidu obtains plates to test autonomous cars on public roads in Beijing (Thu, 22 Mar 2018)
Local Beijing authority releases temporary licenses for autonomous driving tests in the city soon after the fatal accident caused by an unmanned Uber car in the US.
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If Facebook worked we wouldn't be in this mess (Thu, 22 Mar 2018)
Revenues from subscriptions rather than from advertising would improve Facebook and silence critics.
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Are enterprises really ready for AI? (Thu, 22 Mar 2018)
Businesses are facing setbacks around AI adoption -- with over half feeling that they are not prepared to effectively use AI technologies in their organisations.
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Omnicharge: The ultimate power bank for your most expensive mobile gadgets (Thu, 22 Mar 2018)
It’s pricey, sure -- but so is the device you’re charging. Do you really want to risk a $1,000 phone or tablet on a $50 battery pack?
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Google Assistant now lets you send and request money from your contacts (Thu, 22 Mar 2018)
In the coming months, users will be able to send or request money via voice-activated speakers like Google Home.
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Can these minimalist phones save us from our smartphone obsession? (Thu, 22 Mar 2018)
Approaches include a smaller smartphone, an attractively designed minimalist phone, and bringing more sophisticated apps to feature phones.
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Cryptocurrency mining malware uses five-year old vulnerability to mine Monero on Linux servers (Thu, 22 Mar 2018)
Hackers are targeting accessible x86-64 Linux web servers around the world.
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Autodesk combines 7 toolsets into one new version of AutoCAD (Thu, 22 Mar 2018)
After fine-tuning different professional AutoCAD verticals for decades, the latest release includes access to 750,000 different features and functionalities.
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