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ING develops notary service for Corda blockchain (Wed, 23 Oct 2019)
ING said its zero knowledge proof notary service evaluates the validity of a transaction without revealing anything else about it.
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LG and Naver to collaborate on dual screen smartphone experience (Wed, 23 Oct 2019)
They will work together to lower power consumption and increase processing speed for browsers used in dual screen smartphones.
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Samsung to launch 5G modem with 5.1Gbps download speed (Wed, 23 Oct 2019)
Samsung's Exynos Modem 5123 boasts 5.1Gbps download speed for sub-6GHz spectrum and 7.35Gb for mmWave.
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Enter to win a Google Pixel 4XL* (Wed, 23 Oct 2019)
One lucky winner will take home a brand new Google Pixel 4 XL. This giveaway ends Oct. 31.
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LG needs to decide where OLED should live (Wed, 23 Oct 2019)
LG seems unable to decide whether its OLED TV is a luxury item or a premium consumer electronic device. It's time the company made up its mind.
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Committee orders complete redrafting of Biometric Bills as privacy safeguards are deemed inadequate (Wed, 23 Oct 2019)
Bipartisan agreement that the Bills are not sufficient in their current forms.
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A new Microsoft cloud category to watch: The Microsoft 365 number (Wed, 23 Oct 2019)
Microsoft doesn't break out Microsoft 365 as a separate category in its earnings reports. But indicators that the suite is starting to gain traction are evident in its Q1 FY'20 report.
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Swedish police cleared to deploy spyware against crime suspects (Wed, 23 Oct 2019)
Spyware should be able to turn on device cameras and microphones, get encrypted chat logs.
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Fuji Xerox to acquire CSG (Wed, 23 Oct 2019)
The move is part of Fuji Xerox's plans to expand its business in Australia and New Zealand.
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WeChat and Alipay disable Samsung fingerprint payment option (Wed, 23 Oct 2019)
Samsung acknowledged the security flaw last week.
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