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NotPetya malware attack: Chaos but not cyber warfare (Thu, 16 Aug 2018)
While the Russian military run cyber attack was economically damaging, it doesn't cross the threshold into warfare, claims report by Marsh.
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Google expands bug bounty program to include fraud protection bypass, free purchases (Thu, 16 Aug 2018)
External attack vectors and techniques which bypass spam and fraud systems are now part of the program.
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A $2,000 iPhone: It's coming. It's inevitable (Thu, 16 Aug 2018)
With Samsung pushing the envelope on the price of flagship smartphones with its $1,250 512GB Galaxy Note 9, it's only a matter of time before we have a $2,000 iPhone.
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Hands-on with Linux Mint Debian Edition 3 Beta (Thu, 16 Aug 2018)
The long-awaited LMDE update is finally (really) on the way!
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Firefox add-on snoops on 200,000 users' browsing activities (Thu, 16 Aug 2018)
Updated: The add-on was quietly removed from a recommendations list on the official Firefox blog.
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Drake dances on tour with indoor micro drones (Thu, 16 Aug 2018)
Verity, the company behind the spectacle, has made its name choreographing elaborate indoor drone displays
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NASA picks three winners in Freelancer robotic arm contest (Thu, 16 Aug 2018)
The space agency has been crowdsourcing ideas for a floating robot cube that will soon board the International Space Station
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Optus hits back at Telstra 5G claims (Thu, 16 Aug 2018)
Optus has said its spectrum holdings and 'advanced planning' means it will launch services in January, with an update coming in September after a live showcase of 5G in April; however, it added that with no commercial 5G devices, 'no network provider can claim leadership at this time'.
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NSW Telco Authority seeks information on radio network expansion (Thu, 16 Aug 2018)
A request for information is seeking 'innovative ideas' for the expansion of the NSW government's critical communications radio network.
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Australia passes 'revenge porn' legislation (Thu, 16 Aug 2018)
The non-consensual sharing of intimate images online will now be punishable by criminal penalties of up to seven years in prison and civil penalties of up to AU$525,000 for corporations and AU$105,000 for individuals.
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