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SAP, San Francisco 49ers launch stadium operations platform in U.S. (Mon, 22 Oct 2018)
The San Francisco 49ers have deployed SAP to absorb streaming data and improve the stadium experience in real-time via a platform called Executive Huddle.
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Brazil IT infrastructure sales bounce back (Mon, 22 Oct 2018)
Market for servers, storage and networking grew 41 percent in Q2 2018, says IDC
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New iMac: Fantasy features list (Mon, 22 Oct 2018)
David Gewirtz says he's long overdue upgrading his iMac, but he's been waiting for new Macs from Apple. With a big announcement coming up, he shares with us his dream iMac features.
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Here's the next iPad Pro Apple should build: Specs and speculation (Mon, 22 Oct 2018)
Apple's third-generation iPad Pro is likely to have important but incremental improvements over its predecessor and include technologies introduced in the iPhone X.
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How Amazon and Microsoft will oust Google to become our next Android overlords (Mon, 22 Oct 2018)
Google's Play Store hegemony for Android apps is no longer guaranteed, thanks to a recent antitrust judgment (and a $5B fine) from the European Union.
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Is Teradata's march to cloud and commodity its destiny? (Mon, 22 Oct 2018)
Last week's annual Teradata Universe annual conference was light on product announcements, and heavy on getting the message through on its rebranding. Beneath the surface, there are important moves toward cloud and commodity infrastructure that could redefine the Teradata platform down the road.
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Project Lakhta: Russian national charged with US election meddling (Mon, 22 Oct 2018)
The Russian citizen allegedly played a key role in the spread of fake news and trolling across social media networks.
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​Alibaba Cloud adds two new London data centers (Mon, 22 Oct 2018)
New availability centers as Chinese cloud giant expands in Europe.
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Google Home Hub first impressions: A weekend of entertainment (Mon, 22 Oct 2018)
The first Google Home device with a display is now available. We took it for a spin over the weekend.
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Facebook approaches major cybersecurity firms, acquisition goals in mind (Mon, 22 Oct 2018)
The firm is reportedly aiming to patch up its tattered reputation with the purchase of external expertise.
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