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Amazon Web Services launches fully-managed AWS Backup (Wed, 16 Jan 2019)
The new service offers centralised backup in the cloud and on-premises.
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MIT lets AI "synthesize" computer programs to aid data scientists (Wed, 16 Jan 2019)
MIT researchers used Bayesian inference, a form of AI, to make computer programs write new programs designed especially for data analysis. The premise is to ease the burden for data scientists who aren't also AI experts themselves.
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WWF using blockchain to track environmental impact of produce (Wed, 16 Jan 2019)
The QR code-based blockchain play is hoping to help businesses avoid illegal, environmentally-damaging, or unethical products.
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Google Chrome extension that steals card numbers still available on Web Store (Wed, 16 Jan 2019)
Fake "Flash Player" extension has been available since February 2018, was installed by roughly 400 users.
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Google raises G Suite prices: Basic to $6 a month per user, business to $12 a month (Wed, 16 Jan 2019)
The G Suite price increases are the first in a decade. Google argues that the price increases reflect more value. G Suite Enterprise prices unchanged.
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Over 87GB of email addresses and passwords exposed in Collection 1 dump (Wed, 16 Jan 2019)
An 87GB dump of email addresses and passwords containing almost 773 million unique addresses and just under 22 million unique passwords has been found.
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Save $166 on SanDisk's monster 400GB microSD card (Wed, 16 Jan 2019)
Want more storage for your phone or Switch? Then jump on this sale now! There's no word on how long it'll last.
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Star Trek: The technology won, but Roddenberry's visionary society lost (Wed, 16 Jan 2019)
Star Trek: Discovery, which premieres in its second season this week, is a dark show for dark times, with flawed and imperfect characters. Just like Roddenberry himself.
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Nvidia Tesla T4 GPUs now available on Google Cloud in beta (Wed, 16 Jan 2019)
The T4 can handle machine learning training and inference, and it's the first in Google's GPU portfolio with dedicated ray-tracing processors.
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Hackers breach and steal data from South Korea's Defense Ministry (Wed, 16 Jan 2019)
Government says hackers breached 30 computers and stole data from 10.
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