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Singapore offers bank loans, grants to buffer green expenses (Tue, 24 Nov 2020)
Country's central bank introduces sustainability-linked scheme to help companies defray expenses in engaging service providers to validate green credentials of a loan and encourage banks to develop frameworks to make such financing more accessible to SMBs.
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In 2021, edge computing will hit an inflection point (Tue, 24 Nov 2020)
Until now, edge computing was promising but still developing. In 2021, new business models will emerge that facilitate the deployment of edge in production. Cloud platforms will compete while artificial intelligence (AI) and 5G will drive the rapid expansion of edge use cases.
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AOSO S3 robot vacuum review: Fast and furious cleaning from an ultra-compact sweeper (Tue, 24 Nov 2020)
The AOSO S3 robot vacuum is a fast and efficient single mode sweeper with an app that works, and is easy to connect to.
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Samsung Black Friday deals: Galaxy Note, Tab, Book, and more (Tue, 24 Nov 2020)
You can grab a deal on a Galaxy laptop or tablet from Samsung's online store.
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Stantinko's Linux malware now poses as an Apache web server (Tue, 24 Nov 2020)
Eight-year-old Stantinko botnet updates its Linux malware.
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Software developers face mounting pressure in 2021 (Tue, 24 Nov 2020)
Well-positioned shops will crank out software for COVID-19 responses while teams hobbled by legacy technology and practices dial back and focus on keeping the lights on.
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iPhone 12 Pro Max review: Easily the best smartphone camera ever (Tue, 24 Nov 2020)
The iPhone 12 Pro Max is the biggest phone Apple has ever made.
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Zendure Black Friday deals -- up to 40% off (Tue, 24 Nov 2020)
This Black Friday week is your opportunity to pick up premium accessories for a lot less.
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Vari Electric Standing Desk review: Break up the remote work monotony (Tue, 24 Nov 2020)
The health impacts of a standing desk are debatable, but initiating up and down movement tends to lead to more movement and activity that is great for you. I've spent a couple of weeks with a Vari Electric Standing Desk after leaving behind my height-adjustable attachment and I couldn't be happier.
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Linus Torvalds would like to use an M1 Mac for Linux, but… (Tue, 24 Nov 2020)
Yes, Torvalds said he'd love to have one of the new M1-powered Apple laptops, but it won't run Linux and, in an exclusive interview he explains why getting Linux to run well on it isn't worth the trouble.
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